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8 August 2008

This is the source distribution for RTEMS 4.7.3, add-ons, and
documentation.  The primary development platforms supported are
GNU/Linux distribtions which use RPMs.

The 4.7.3 release is the third release in the 4.7.3 series.
It includes all bug fixes found in the 4.6 series along
with a number of enhancements and bug fixes since the 
4.7.2 release.  The bugs fixed along with some of the
enhancements included between the 4.6 and 4.7 release
series are listed at:

Specific issues addressed between 4.7.2 and 4.7.3 are
listed in the file PRs-closed-4.7.3.

For Fedora users, loading the prebuilt tools should be
very easy and something like this:

(1) Load the appropriate Yum repository configuration

    # Replace NNN with your 1-8 to reflect the Fedora version
    # Replace ARCH with your i386 or x86_64 to reflect your host architecture
    rpm -ivh

(2) Load cross development RPMs for your target architecture
    along with the RTEMS 4.7 specific version of GNU autoconf
    and automake.

      # Replace CPU with the name of the CPU architecture you
      # want to use RTEMS on.  Choice are: 
      #   arm avr h8300 i386 m68k mips powerpc sh sparc 
      yum -y install "*4.7*CPU*" "*4.7*auto*"

That's it.  You should be able to configure and build RTEMS
at the point.  If targeting a simulator BSP included with
GDB (sparc/sis, powerpc/psim, or mips/jm43904), it is possible
to be able to install the tools, build RTEMS and run target
executables in a matter of minutes.

Configuring qemu so that it will boot an RTEMS application for
the i386/pc386 takes a bit longer but is still quite straightforward.
Normally it takes longer to download the tools via ftp than to
build RTEMS.

Comments, feedback welcomed.  See the instructions at on joining the users mailing list.

--joel sherrill