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RTEMS Tools Project
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RTEMS Linker Tools

The RTEMS Linker is a suite of tools that create and manage RTEMS Applications that are dynamically loadable by the RTEMS Target Link Editor on target hardware. The target code uses the standard dlopen, dlclose type calls to load and manage modules, object files or archives on the target at runtime. The RTEMS Linker forms a part of this process by helping managing the object files, libraries and applications on a host machine. This host processing simplifies the demands on the target and avoids wastefull excess of files and data that may not be used at runtime.

These tools are written in C++ with some 3rd party packages in C. The license for this RTEMS Tools code is a BSD type open source license. The package includes code from:

  1. efltoolchain - http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/elftoolchain/
  2. libiberty - Libiberty code from GCC (GPL)
  3. fastlz - http://fastlz.org/

The project uses a C++ demangler and PEX code from the GCC project. This code is GPL making this project GPL. A platform independent way to execute sub-processes and capture the output that is not GPL is most welcome.

Building The RTEMS Linker details building this package with Waf.

The tools provided are: