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RTEMS Preinstall Remove

Date: 19th Dec 2017

This is a helper for those wanting to help with the move. There are 3 separate
items to be managed.


 - Build testing is with the beagleboneblack BSP.

 - Builds until base_sp and a bsp_specs issue. This is the start of
   getting the testsuite converted.

Build No Preinstall

A single script will perform the build. Fetch:

and set the execute bits:

 $ rm -f inc-down
 $ wget
 $ chmod +x inc-down
 $ ./inc-down

Run the build no preinstall script with the hash to reset the git to:

 $ ./build-no-preinstall e1563f377de265a4663068167f866eb83d3ffdce

To find the reset hash look in 'git log' and pick the last commit on master.

Git Move

The script is 'h-move'.

Creating h-move

You may need to 'chmod +x inc-move' to run if the perms are not set correctly.

- Install the 'ampolish3' in this directory.

- Edit (this is now done by build-no-preinstall):
 1. Change the default for '$audit_file' to 1.
 2. Search and change '$inc_list' to your path.

- Create the 'inc-list.txt' file running:

 $ rm -f inc-list.txt && ./bootstrap -p

 The 'inc-list.txt' file is appended to so it needs to be deleted or you will
 get confusing result when processed.

- Create the 'h-move' script by running:

 $ ./inc-mover inc-list.txt

- Move the header files:

 $ ./h-move

Build System

- Copy to the 'c/src/aclocal' directory the following files:

   - rtems-includes.m4
   - rtems-build-top.m4
   - rtems-source-top.m4

- Patch the build system. First edit the 'patch-build' and change the jobs run
  write parameter to True at the end of the file.

 $ ./patch-build > build-patch.txt

 Run the update m4 script:

 $ ./um4

 Bootstrap and build.